A Covid-19 free indoor environment?

By the use of an automatic ZanitaZ diffuser, you can create a healthy indoor environment.

The environment will be completely filled with the ZanitaZ Probiotics (good microorganisms) these probiotics need food to survive. This food will be proteins. The envelope of the virus is a protein and this protein will be constantly under attack  by the ZanitaZ Probiotics. Result?

The virus cannot survive in such, for humans and animals healthy environment!

ZanitaZ OS-3 Nano Diffuser.

Size:                           224mm x 186mm x 86mm
Voltage:                     12 Volt
Power:                       4 W
Volume:                     <30 dB
Capacity:                   300ml
Weight:                      1.0 kg
Application area:      250 – 350 M³
Color:                         White

ZanitaZ SUB.5 HVAC Nano Diffuser.

Size:                           250mm x 170mm x 133mm
Voltage:                     24 Volt
Power:                       27 W
Volume:                     <65 dB
Capacity:                   5 Liter
Weight:                      5.5 kg
Application Area:     8000 M³
Color:                         White