Upholstery Cleaner

Super Bee MR Upholstery Cleaner

* is a ready-to-use general purpose cleaner, excellent for application on vessel upholstery and carpeting.

* For spot cleaning as well as maintenance.

* Superb cleaning and degreasing qualities.

* Free-rinsing.

* Safe on most modern fabrics.

Upholstery Cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning is a matter of experience. With all the fabrics in use it is impossible to provide a general instruction for the application of Super Bee™ MR Upholstery Cleaner.

Follow the fabrics manufacturers instructions and your own experience.

* When first using Super Bee™ MR Upholstery Cleaner on an object, test product and cleaning method on one spot of the fabric out of sight.

* Try absorbing liquid soil with clean cloth if possible and in accordance with fabrics manufacturers instructions.

* Moisten, spray, wipe or brush soiled area with Super Bee™ MR Upholstery Cleaner according to fabrics manuafacturers instructions and own experience.

* Rinse with clean water or absorb with clean cloth or sponge if possible and desirable, depending on type of fabric, fabrics manufacturers instructions and your own discretion.