Industrial Degreaser

Industrial Degreaser

Super Bee 420MR Industrial Degreaser

* Super Bee™ 420MR Industrial Degreaser, is a concentreted industrial cleaner specifically designed for degreasing and cleaning ship exterior and interior surfaces.

* Excellent cleaner; free-rinsing.

* Good hard water tolerance.

* Concentrated solution minimizes shipping container and warehouse costs.

* safe on aluminium, high strenght steel, magnesium and other materials of ship construction including goor quality paint and acrylic plastic.

Interior and kitchen cleaning.

Mix 1 part of cleaner with 10-20 parts of water. Wet clean cloth with cleaning solution or spray cleaner on surface using a non-atomizing sprayer. Wipe off with clean dry cloth.

Exterior cleaning.

Mix 1 part of cleaner with up to 20 parts of water, depending on the degree of contamination. Apply cleaner with mops, brushes or non-atomizing sprayer.

Steam cleaning.

Mix 1 to 4 volume % with water. Mix in holding tank and operate equipmemt in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Tank type cleaning.

Mix 1 part of cleaner with up to 5 parts of water. Allow the parts to soak until soils have been penetrated. Mechanical agitation will reduce soak time. Remove parts from tank area and rinse with water.