Dosing Units

Dosing Units

Digital ECO Dosing Pump

Digital Dual Dosing Unit

Cee-Bee™ MR Digital ECO Dosing Pump


  1. Micro-computer single-chip controlled, single operate.
  2. Unique micro-adjusting device.
  3. Intelligent dosing time. 24 times/day – 1 time/9days.
  4. 1ml to 99ml dosage as set.
  5. Bright display, easily visible

Cee-Bee™ MR Digital Dual Dosing Unit.

Cee-Bee™ MR Dual Digital Dosing Unit, offers true digital time cycle programming and is comprimised with two solenoid valve, digital timer unit, suction pipe, tank connector and a transparent supply hose. The unit is fitted with an extra air administering valve controlled by an electric timer and including an LCD screen. This unique and innovative solution allows air into the feed hose for cleaning and eliminates possible blockade that could otherwise occur during operation. It also simulates a toilet flush, without using flush water. This “air flush” allows the Gel to travel through the vacuum pipes. The timer can be programmed to open the solenoid valve at a given interval for a pre-determined time ensuring accurate and controlled dosing routines are maintained. When the solenoid valve is open (i.e. for 1 second every 90 minutes), the pressure differential in the vacuum pipe will allow the gel or the liquid to be drawn into the vacuum system.